Child Mental Health and Trauma Service

We provide services in our fully equipped play rooms in Warrnambool or Hamilton, or as an outreach service to schools if appropriate, using play to help process past trauma and build skills to manage emotions.

What do sessions look like?

The first session is with the parent or carer so we can have a conversation about what difficulties your child is facing. We then provide 8-9 individual sessions weekly throughout a school term with your child, either including the parent or alone with the child, depending on the needs of your family and goals of the referral. If needed, we can finish with a parent session.

How do I access this service?

Your GP can refer you to Possum House by completing a referral to WestVicPHN for their Psychological Therapies Service. Unfortunately, we are unable to keep a waiting list of clients for this scheme but will endeavour to provide support to as many families as possible.

I work for a local agency and would like to fund a family I work with to access this service. How can I do that?

If you complete an agency referral form from Possum House, we will provide an invoice for sessions.